The Franks Box

“As with all forms of EVP, I think the first purpose is to show that life is forever.  Next, it shows that the universe is a big and very lively place with multiple maybe infinite levels or dimensions.”
– Frank Sumption 2007

The Franks Box also known as a Ghost Box, is a Sweeping Radio ITC device that uses a standard radio modified to constantly scan through the AM or FM band.  One can get the same result by rapidly turning the tuning dial manually on an old radio, so that each station is heard only briefly.  Frank Sumption originally created his device believing that the chopped up bits of broadcast fragments would provide a superior back ground sound to pure white noise, for improved EVP communication.  What Frank ended up creating was a uniquely different ITC device and not simply a sound source for EVP work.  The majority of the Ghost Box communication occurs before the sound waves are produced by the devices speaker.  A small amount of EVP communication can be found on recordings of Ghost Box sessions.  How and at what point the broadcast fragments are manipulated is unknown.

I have conducted a number of tests to determine at what point the manipulation of the broadcast fragments occurs.  I have found little or no manipulation once the sound leaves the devices speaker.  I set up a split channel recording with the devices speaker turned off and the broadcast fragments recorded on one channel and an open air microphone on the other.  In this test I caught an EVP that started a sentence which was completed on with the Ghost Box.  When the tracks are combined it sounds like the EVP came from the box, even though it had in fact not.  This demonstrates that Radio Based ITC is a different vehicle for communication and not simply opportunistic EVP based on radio broadcast fragments.

Sweeping radio ITC has a number of issues that make it difficult for most to understand the communication.  The first issue involves the means by which the communication is occurring.   Usually there is a high percent of un-manipulated broadcast fragments and noise in between the actual communication.  This can cause confusion in the listener.  Not every sound coming out of the radio is an attempt at communication and a good percentage of the words in communications are not fully formed. The communication is not created with human vocal cords and is based on the source sounds, so communication can be musical sounding at times.

The second issue that complicates hearing the communication, involves the linguistics and duration of those communicating through the device.  Communication from individuals tends to be short.  Often a number of individuals combine single words to form complete sentences.  Communication is not limited to a single individual.  Often there are numerous entities trying to communicate at the same time.  The language and terms used in the past are different than those used today.  There are variations in spoken English by region and by nation.  English spoken in Scotland sounds very different than that spoken in the Mountains of North Carolina.  We have encountered Spanish, which a Professor on site at the time identified as a Portuguese dialect.

There is a learning curve involved with understanding sweeping radio communication which requires dedication and many of hours of listening to and analyzing the recordings.   I’ve noticed that those new to the Ghost Box often fall victim to the Pareidolia effect (hearing what is not there) or suggestion.  Due to the potential for the Pareidolia effect, the validity of the Ghost Box is usually dismissed by critics and serious ITC researchers.  One should always record the session to have a permanent record and review the recordings to test your accuracy in hearing the responses live.  I’ve noticed that Individuals with and ear for music tend to have a much shorter learning curve.

In summary, most people have difficulty hearing messages from sweeping radio ITC and tend to reject it.  Because of the source contains broadcast fragments, one would be hard pressed to prove the validly to a critical forum.  Then again, how do you prove the existence of Love with science?  It takes time and effort to learn to use and hear sweeping radio communication.  Ultimately, you will have to decide for yourself if sweeping radio ITC really works or not.  Before you make a decision, you should make a serious effort to learn how to use and hear the Box Speak.