RTSC Samples

Below are RTSC samples of (Real Time Spirit Communication) with a Radio Based ITC Device.  The goal of RTSC is live 2 way communication with Spirits, “Edison’s telephone to the dead”.  Radio Based ITC is currently the best method available for RTSC, though on 07/18/15 I was successful producing Real Time communication using only EVP.  RTSC EVP produces a less distorted more accurate ITC Voices.  As discussed earlier, there are numerous issues that make Radio Based communication difficult to understand.  With RTSC, these issues are compounded by trying to hear the communication in real time and responding appropriately.  When the communication starts it often occurs very rapidly for only a few minutes.

Here is an RTSC session from a group ITC demonstration at the Davenport house, recorded on 03/03/15.  Towards the end, 2 other entities interrupt with a rude remark, followed by the answer Henry (which is not a correct name for this location).  Interruptions are common with ITC and these are known as travelers, (spirits that move from location to location).

Davenport House RBITC 2nd Session – 03/03/15

This is the warm up and equipment test prior to the above Davenport house session.  SAVITC member Michelle asked why did you do that, it’s kind of dumb.  One of the arguments against radio based ITC is that if you listen to a sweeping radio long enough you will hear your name said.  What are the odds of this recording happening?  Kathryne’s face looked like she just heard a Ghost.

Davenport House Warm Up Session – 03/03/15

This is an example of how RTSC can be used to identify the cause of a haunting.  The owners of a private residence reported often seeing a shadow person standing in the doorway, (where this was recorded). Rachael would wake up with bruises or being held down by something unseen. Everyone in the house was experiencing strange dreams, of drowning in the nearby pond or of a little girl drowning.  On my arrival they were very upset and scared of what was occurring.  Fear feeds malevolent spirits and this one was able to chose what they dream.

Private Residence Private Residence

08/16/13  This was recorded at a private home where the owners are experiencing a lot of activity.  It was scaring them and keeping them up at night.  We went in to get more information.  This recording started as an EVP session and I turned on the Ghost Box on the other side of the room.  As soon as I realized that communication was occurring I picked up the recorder.  Someone here obviously doesn’t like my being there.

06/14/12  In this RTSC clip from Perry Street, the site of a triple murder in 1910.  Brett and Libby are communicating with a number of spirits.  This is Brett’s first RTSC session on an investigation and she missed the spirit identifying himself as David in the beginning.  What is interesting about this clip is in the middle there is a same voice musical response over 15 sweep steps, responding “must I explain everything”.  This would be impossible if the source was a single radio station.

07/16/13  This is a longer RTSC session with the DAS RT EVP.  I find the Sweep Radio function on the RT EVP takes a bit of getting used to.  Each GB has its own unique properties and sound.  The feature of having a GB built into a small EVP recorder make it easy to use can carry around.  In this session the communication fades in the middle and more broadcast fragments are present.  This may make it harder to follow, though is a good demonstration of how the RT EVP sounds.  At this location some of spirits are always trying to be me to leave.

05/04/12  This was recorded at the 17Hundred90 hotel in room 204.  In the early 1800s Anna Powers committed suicide by throwing herself out the window.  This was a spur of the moment investigation and I wasn’t aware of her name at the time.

08/12  Here are two typical RTSC clips from near one of the oldest plantations in Savannah.  I go here alone and cut the sessions short if something doesn’t feel right.  There is an entity here that the other spirits seem to fear, so I don’t like to stay long.


12/01/12  Then next clip was recorded at one of the oldest hunting clubs in Georgia.  The beginning is an example of a darker entity threatening with foul language.  It is common to receive profanity and it is important to note that such language is against FCC rules and not broadcast over the radio.  Note, the second sentence said rapidly “A guy can get raped” is in response to the first statement and in the same voice.

12/03/11  This was recorded in the basement of the Moon River Brewery on my second investigation there and it is one of my first RTSC sessions.  The basement of Moon River is known for its dark energy.  They are somewhat hostile in this recording and I am trying to keep them calm.  In the middle of the clip Michelle was pushed and then a spray can was moved on the shelf.  They admit to doing both.  It is common to feel pain in the basement, listen for the comments at the beginning about causing pain.

12/31/12  This is the very first test of the sweep function on the DAS RT-EVP.  I tried it out after work at my favorite location, in the dark.  Energy rushed in and surrounded me when I started the session, so I cut it short.  As is usual with this location, they ask me to leave.