Ghost Box Samples

Note: Sweeping Radio ITC is not a toy and I don’t recommend that you go out and buy or use the Ghost Box, unless you are intent on using it in a mature and serious manner.  It is not for those with metal issues, obsessive personalities or anyone under age.

Here are some Ghost Box samples of communication that I’ve recorded.  The responses are simple and not as long as the RTSC (Real time Spirit Communication) samples.  Most when they first start using sweeping radio ITC, the messages are hard to hear and infrequent.  Just as with any learned skill, it takes time and a lot of dedication to develop your abilities.  The same was true for myself.  Then one day, as soon as I started a session and before I could talk, a voice said my name to start the conversation.  This was a surprise, as the Ghost Box was now speaking to me.  It was at this point, I realized that what was continuing to occur was impossible if due purely to random broadcast fragments.  Clearly something or someone was interacting with me through the box.  Thus an incredible journey began.

04/04/11  This is the beginning of that session.

Many of my recordings are made at the same locations.  The voices and individuals are often unique for each location.  Over time you get to know them and they begin to trust you.  This young man has a unique sounding voice and appears on many of the recordings from this location.  A month prior, he commented during a session about my having just stepped on a fire ant hill with flip flops on.  Notice how the voice remains consistent over half the radio band.

Some do not like my being there.  In this clip they let me know, “David, this is our space”.  At the end a voice says, “They’ve installed cameras”.  The same message was on the prior session.  Note:  It was close to hunting season and a few weeks later I found this picture on the internet for this location.  Though I did not see it, there may have been a game camera set up.

These two Ghost Box Samples were recorded 03/13/13, under the giant mossy oak in the woods at one of Savannah’s oldest plantations.  After hearing a request for help, I asked what it is like where you’re at.  Note:  While it is more common to receive a response, “it’s like heaven”, that is not the case in here.

I asked is there was anything I can do to help.  The answer was, “Help cross and you will stop pain, pain make it stop.

If you listen to a sweeping radio long enough, the random broadcast fragments will likely combine to form your name at some point.  The odds that it will happen at a given moment or on demand are very low, if due only to chance.

Here are a few samples of the many requests for names, that received an instant response:  (Please put headphones on to listen).




The ones speaking through the Box had names when they were alive:  Lisa used to live on the Wormsloe Plantation.

Before I stopped conducting session at home, Bob warned me about the upcoming problems we would experience at our first investigation at the Moon River Brewery.  It was on that investigation that we first meet Libby, a gifted light worker.  To anyone not experienced with the paranormal, I highly recommend that you seek out someone with experience to help guide you.

They often say “my name was…”.  They tell me how that they died.  A spirit named Desmond on River Street told of how he was shot and murdered.  Some will tease or play jokes, some are happy and some are sad or angry.  They act human in every way.  While they will often say that they died, some get offended if you refer to them as dead.

This was recorded at a grave yard in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina.  “David, I ain’t dead” In a southern mountain dialect.

What comes out of the Box is truly amazing, it forces you to re-evaluate your life and your place in the universe.  If you treat them with love and compassion, they will express the love back.  These are from the same location once they got to know me.

The most common form of communication is a call for help.  For various reasons some get stuck in a very unpleasant place, what Catholics refer to as Purgatory.  These are older recordings and are not as clear, though they are good examples of cries for help. You can hear the desperation in the voices.

The first one they are saying “Help us, Cross us”

In this clip they are saying, “Hurts, not crossed, it hurts us”.

Some are scared

Even if you are careful with how you use the box, at times you will receive messages from the negative or dark side.  It is best to delete any negative messages and not listen to them.  The first users of the ghost box discovered, that deleting negative communication tended to reduce the occurrence.  Negative communication is from lesser evolved spirits and they feed on the fear energy you give off when you react to them.  While some users don’t practice protection and have no ill effects using the box, I have and highly recommend that you practice some form of protection.  Allowing negativity into your life is a bad idea and it can influence all aspects of your life and health.

These two were recorded at the Henry Ford House.

Occasionally during a session to cross over earth bound spirits, a stronger negative entity will attempt to interfere and stop the others.  They can be heard telling the others not to listen, or choose to cross.  (Libby can be heard in the background asking the earthbound spirits to choose to leave this garden of lower vibration).  The strong negative spirit replies, “Don’t, just don’t, choose”.

At the end of the crossing session, the same negative spirit replies to Libby, “Satan is not impressed”.  Just after this response, another spirit replies faintly, “God is”.  Note:  This is the first and only reference to Satan that I’ve received.