Radio Based ITC

“Please be aware that when you perform your Spirit box or EVP sessions in your home, unwanted lower level Spirits and entities will be attracted to this, and they will look for an easy access point to gain entrance. This is something that I know to be true and accurate, it is not a theory or opinion.  I no longer do any sessions in my home.”  – Gary Galka 2012

A Radio Based ITC device, Franks Box or Ghost Box scans through radio frequencies in a sweeping fashion.  A radio is modified to remove the mute function and set to sweep through the stations as part of the scan function.  On average, each step in the sweep last from 100 to 250 milliseconds.  In theory this method provides bits of broadcast fragments and white noise for improved EVP spirit communication.

The idea for a sweeping radio based ITC device was first conceived by Peter Stein of Denmark in the early 1980’s, inspired by his observations during EVP recordings by radio.  In February 1991 Peter Stein published an article in the VTF, a publication by the German biased Association for Transcommunication Research.  In this article Peter describes a radio receiver with a voltage biased sweep generator and published a schematic of the sweep generator.

Frank Sumption created and popularized the first Radio Based ITC device, commonly known as the Frank’s box.  Frank first became interested in EVP after reading an article in Popular Electronics in 1995.  After little success with EVP he gave up until 2000 when he came across the magazine and read the article again.  During the development period, Frank unsuccessfully attempted to contact Peter Stein for more information.  In 2002 Frank successfully created his first radio based ITC device.

Since the advent of the Franks box, others have modified “hacked” portable radio models to create what is commonly known as a Ghost Box.   Ghost hunting equipment designer Gary Galka created the first mass produced ghost box, the P-SB7 Spirit Box.  Currently the only Ghost Box models readily available are the P-SB7 and the Ghost Box function on the DAS RT-EVP recorder, also manufactured by Professional Measurement

Most consider ITC Voices formed by a sweeping radio to be opportunistic EVP.  In theory the broadcast fragments provide the sounds for voice formation.  Since Radio Based ITC depends on the use of “live” voice, many researchers reject this method because of the potential for undetected false positives.  Those who regularly use a Radio Based ITC method for communication would disagree, because of the incredible results which can be obtained and the ability for Real Time Spirit Communication (RTSP).

The below is a sample RTSC session using a Ghost Box, recorded in the woods near one of the first plantations in Savannah.  I recommend that you always listen to ITC sound samples with a quality set of headphones.  Also it is best to listen to these samples a number of times, so that your ear can become accustom to what Radio Based ITC sounds like.

My name is David and you will hear my name being said in most of the recordings.  Part one I call “Danger from a Spirit”, (the last sentence at the end)

This is the second part of the above session.