Laurel Grove North

Laurel-Grove-CemeteryLaurel Grove North, is the most haunted cemetery, mysterious and intriguing cemeteries in Savannah. Laurel Grove was opened when other Savannah cemeteries, like Colonial Park became overcrowded. Here you will find the highest concentration of Victorian period cemetery architecture in the Southeast, as it was opened during the height of the Antebellum Period. Very few people visit Laurel Grove and often times you will be the only living person around. Some of the tombs and wrought iron fences are in poor condition only adding to the haunted environment here.  Laurel Grove is an active cemetery and as such, must be respected as sacred ground memorializing those who rest here.  If you chose to visit Laurel Grove, walk lightly with respect and enjoy the beauty before you.

Laurel Grove was established in 1850 on the former property of Springfield plantation.  Here you will find the final resting ground for many of Savannah’s former inhabitants.  Some of the most notable individuals are Juliette Gordon Low, founder of the Girl Scouts of America.  Florence Martus, who was known well by Savannahians and sailors, as the Waving Girl.  James Pierpont, author of “Jingle Bells and more than 600 Confederate soldiers.