Haunted Moon River Brewing Company

Haunted Savannah Haunted Moon RiverThe Moon River Brewing Company is located in the former City Hotel and has the reputation of being the most haunted building in Savannah Georgia.  Built in 1821, the City Hotel was converted into a hospital during many of the outbreaks of Yellow Fever that struck Savannah during the 1800’s.  The building has seen many deaths during it’s time.  Activity occurs on all levels of the building, with the majority found in the basement and on the 3rd floor. Unfortunately the upper levels of the building are currently closed due to safety concerns.  Haunted Moon River Brewing Company is literally an EVP factory, if you are able be onsite after the street noise dies down.  The rear of the basement, is capable of producing EVP at any time of the day.  This area, is also the most active part of the basement.  When testing new equipment for the first time, I always head to the Moon River Brewing Company, because of the consistent results.  For anyone visiting Savannah, dinner or drinks at the Moon River Brewing Company is a must.  The early architecture of the building and energy within, make for a truly unique experience.  Be sure to ask your waitress if you can visit the basement.

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Haunted Moon River Brewing CompanyThe Haunted Moon River Brewing Company has produced more personal experiences for our group and guests, than any other location we have investigated in Savannah.  The majority of experiences have occurred in the basement.  In fact some areas of the basement can be extremely active at times and caution should be exercised while investigating here.  The list of personal experiences includes: Seeing shadow people, being pushed or touched, scratching, knocking on a door from within a locked room and intense energy movements. Of concern, are the numerous cases of spirit attachments that occurred in the basement. One attachment resulted in poltergeist activity at my house, after being following home by a malevolent spirit.  The experience taught me to respect Moon River and the many spirits present here.  Even exercising caution, I recently experienced an attachment while working with one of the spirits here named Holly.  Malevolent activity is usually a result of a darker spirit holding other spirits captive, to gain energy and control.  They are protective of their space and will attack if provoked.  The warnings others will give you about this location, are for a reason.  If you make a short visit to the basement, I doubt you will have any problems.  Being in the basement for long periods of time alone or very late at night, the odds are much less in your favor.  Ignore the warnings at your own risk.

Spirit Voices of Haunted Moon River Brewing Company

Haunted Moon River Brewing CompanyThrough use of modern ITC techniques, it is possible to communicate with the dead.  With a recorder, you can capture Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) voices which usually cannot be heard live and only on playback.  With a new device developed by Savannah ITC, EVP voices can be heard live in real time (RTEVP).  Radio based ITC allows the user to hear the spirit responses live, for Real Time Spirit Communication (RTSC). Moon River is an excellent location for all of these methods.  Below are some samples of the many EVP’s I’ve captured at Moon River Brewing Company.  Clip 1 is the very first RTSC-EVP, recorded during a test of the device on 07/18/15.

Haunted Moon River Brewing Company

RTEVP1- Basement RTEVP1- Basement

EVP - 3rd floor EVP – 3rd floor

EVP – “75 People”

EVP – Is Holly Here


Haunted Moon River Brewing Company

The 3rd floor contains children and nurturing caretakers who were victims of the many plagues that struck Savannah, as opposed to the basement which  is full of dark energy. Well insulated for the street noise, the majority of activity occurs towards the back of the basement in the early hours of the morning. Below are some samples of Radio Based ITC from years ago.  The clips are from a single 6 minute RTSC session recorded in the most active area of the basement.  Attacks on the living have occurred here and you can hear the hostility in the second clip.  While not the clearest, if you listen closely with head phones you will hear the profanity which is fairly common with malevolent spirits.

Haunted Moon River Brewing Company

RTSC – Holly Saying “David”


RTSC – Basement


RTEVP2- Carrie in Basement RTEVP2- Carrie in Basement

After finishing the first session with the new RTSC EVP device on 07/18/15, a group of Bachelorettes came into the basement. I asked of if they wanted to talk to them. After rolling her eyes, the boldest and most skeptical of the group accepted. The look on Carrie’s face was priceless, as she ran out of the basement. Note: the whisper “Coward” is James Stark who was shot by Dr. Phillip Minis in 1832 after being proclaimed a coward by Dr. Minis.


Women being scratched in the basement is somewhat common at Moon River Brewing Company.  This is an example of a scratch on the back from Moon River that occurred through the clothing and continued under the bra line.  4 other people were present at the time.