Haunted Davenport House

Davenport-House2The now Haunted Davenport House was built in 1820, by master builder Isaiah Davenport for his growing household which included his wife, children, and slaves.  It was his family home until his death in 1827, when his wife Sarah Clark Davenport converted it into a boarding house.  She lived in the residence on Columbia Square until 1840, when she sold it to the Baynard family of South Carolina.  The house remained in their hands for the next 109 years.  As time passed, the once stately home in a fashionable neighborhood became a rundown rooming house in a seedy part of town.  Isaiah and Sara Davenport married in 1809.  Sara gave birth to 10 children of which 7 survived past early childhood.  6 were boys, Isaiah Jr., Benjamin, Archibald, Henry, Hugh and William and one girl Cornelia.
Haunted Davenport HouseThe Davenport House was saved from demolition in 1955, by a group of ladies who would later form the Historic Savannah Foundation.  It is now known as the Davenport House Museum.  The Historic Savannah Foundation did an incredible job restoring the home to its former glory, with period accurate wallpaper and furnishings which reflect the inventory taken at the time of Isaiah’s death in 1827.

Reports of Haunting at the Davenport house include an orange and white tabby cat, which is seen darting from room to room.  The ghost cat is seen mostly by children.  A misty grey vapor in the form of a human, has been seen in the gift shop as well as footsteps that are heard on the first level staircase.  There is also a report of a little girl who has been seen playing ball on the top floor.  She has also been seen out the home as well.  When in Savannah, a visit to the Davenport House is a must.  It is a place where the former and current caretakers, work together to preserve this historical treasure.

Spirit Voices of the Haunted Davenport House

Haunted Davenport HouseThe Historic Savannah Foundation frowns on Ghost Hunting and the Paranormal in general.  They are about historic conservation.  As such they do not generally welcome paranormal investigations.  Savannah ITC is a research organization and on 03/03/15, I was allowed to demonstrate ITC during a private 2 hour tour.  The evening turned into an ITC researchers dream come true.  I had always hoped that my work would be able to provide accurate, historic information.  What better way is there to experience history, if not from the words of those who lived it?   Unfortunately, they did not have the ability to record voices in 1820.

I never research the history of a location prior to my first visit.  I do this in the hope of gaining information, unknown by myself at the time.  Just before leaving, the tour guide did her first every, Radio Based ITC session in front of 20 people.  Below is a shortened version of what happened.   I failed to start my primary recorder, fortunately a backup recorder was still running.  Upon reviewing what was recorded, I then went to the official web page for the Davenport House.  This is a significant recording in many ways.  Once finished listening, research for yourself here.  Davenport House Museum


Haunted Davenport House Davenport House RBITC 4th Session – 03/03/15

The second session was fairly successful in contacting one of the spirits that occupies the Davenport house.  Towards the end, other entities interrupt with a rude remark and the answer Henry (which is not a correct name for this location).  Interruptions are common with ITC and these are known as travelers, (spirits that move from location to location).   Note:  There was a servant that came from the fields in Alabama that worked in the home for 5 years.  The next time I visit the Davenport House, I will inquire further to identify the name individual in this recording.

Davenport House RBITC 2nd Session – 03/03/15

Here is an Example of one of the EVP’s that was captured.  I believe it has something to do with the first battle of Savannah.  Fought on December 29th, 1778 between the Continental Army units that held Savannah and the British invasion force under Lieutenant Colonel Archibald Campbell.

Davenport House EPV – 03/03/15