Haunted 17Hundred90

Haunted SavannahThe Haunted 17Hundred90 Restaurant and Inn, was originally 3 separate residences that were joined together to form the current structure.  The western part of the building was built in 1821 by a Virginia planter Steele White, who was killed in a horse riding accident before the construction was finished.   The Eastern part of the building was built by the Powers family in 1888.   Sometime in its history the 3 buildings were joined and turned into a hotel, with the name 17 Hundred 90.  Located just outside of the busy areas of Savannah, The 17Hundred90 is an excellent choice for a place to stay and eat when visiting Savannah.  The upscale dining rooms are elegant, with a warm and cozy historical feeling.


The Ghost of Anna Powers – Haunted 17Hundred90

Haunted 17Hundred90There are many different stories and a lot of confusion about a young woman, Anna Powers who jumped to her death out of a second story window.   Many of the stories refer to an Anne Powell who was unhappily married to an Englishman or in another version indentured servant force to marry Steele White.  A member of a Powers family has even contracted the 17Hundred90 and asked that they stop telling the story, as Anna Powers (from Ireland) lived to be over 80 years old.  She appears the 1920 Census.

We believe the story refers to the Daughter of the original builder of Eastern part of the building, Anna E. Powers 1882 – 1906 who jumped to her death out the second story window.  She would have been 8 years old when the home was built.  Steel White had been dead for 60 years and she could not have been in the 1920 census, as she only lived 24 years.

Anna Powers room was on the second floor in what is now room 204, which is the area she makes her presence known most strongly.  The owners of 17 Hundred 90 used to make guests who wanted to stay in this room, sign a waiver saying that they would not be entitled for their money back if they left in the middle of the night because they were frightened.


Meet Anna Powers – Huanted 17Hundred90

Haunted 17Hundred90With so much controversy over Anna Powers, why not ask Anna herself?  With the use of modern ITC audio techniques, it is possible to capture the voices of spirits.  On 05/04/12, I was invited to investigate room 2004 by a friend of a friend who had rented the room and was going out for a few hours.  I knew nothing about the history at the time.  There was a strong EMF field radiating up 3 feet from the floor and a Ouija board in one of the dressers. My first impression was this room may be rigged.  My initial impression soon proved to be incorrect, when the room exploded with activity for a period of about 30 minutes.  At the beginning of the first RBITC session, I was touched and hit by a strong energy  movement.  It was at this point, a spirit identifying herself as Anna Powers began to answer questions as to who had died here.  This was followed by other malevolent spirits.  When malevolents start to show up, I will shut down a session.  It was during the second session, the ITC voices indicated that Anna had left the room.  Just prior to Anna leaving, this picture was captured of who we believe is Anna.  Note: when taking photos, we use a tripod and snap a sequence of 3 photos a -1 second intervals.  Anna was only present in 1 series of photos and no one left the room during this time.  There was 4 of us in the room and everyone wearing shorts.  Anna looks to be in period dress.


Haunted 17Hundred90Here is a clip from the first session, where Anna gave us her name. This was recorded with first generation equipment, so the sound is not as clear as current recording methods.

RBITC - Anna Powers RBITC – Anna Powers

This is a clip from the last session, we believe it is the boyfriend of Anna.

RBITC - I did Nothing RBITC – I did Nothing
When communicating with the dead, each session at best will produce only a piece to the puzzle. 2 hours at the 17Hundred90 was only enough time to identify the young woman who jumped to her death, as Anna Powers and not Anne Powell.  There is another spirit that feels he is at fault for something.  We assume that this is guilt for the death of Anna.  Many more ghost were encountered at the 17Hundred90, some not so nice.  It would be interesting to investigate further, to get more pieces of the puzzle for this fascinating story.