Haunted Savannah

The Haunted Savannah page is a list of locations we consider from experience, to be the more actively haunted locations in Savannah.  The City of Savannah in general, has an elevated background level of paranormal activity.  Most anywhere you go in Savannah, there will be some level of activity, thus the page name Haunted Savannah.  A few individuals seeking to profit from the conditions in Savannah, will promote a location as being haunted and provide miss leading evidence.  In many cases these highly promoted haunted locations, are not any more active than the background activity found anywhere in City.  Ask anyone who lives in Savannah what location is the most haunted, the answer will be either the Sorrel Weed House or the Moon River Brewing Company.


Sorrel Weed House;Sorrel Weed House

The Haunted Sorrel Weed House is the most actively haunted building in Savannah.  The house was built by a wealthy shipping merchant named Francis Sorrel for his wife Matilda and is one of the finest examples of Greek revival architecture in Savannah.  It is listed as one of the top 10 haunted locations in the United States and has been featured on Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures.  The house is built on the British lines at the site of the Siege of Savannah.  This was the bloodiest battle of the American Revolution, with over a thousand casualties.  After the battle, the dead were buried where they fell and still remain on the property.  Read More


Haunted Savannah Haunted Moon RiverMoon River Brewery

The Moon River Brewing Company is located in the former City Hotel and has the reputation of being the most haunted building in Savannah Georgia.   Built in 1821, the City Hotel was converted into a hospital during many of the outbreaks of Yellow Fever that struck Savannah during the 1800’s. The building has seen many deaths during it’s time.  Activity occurs on all levels of the building, with the majority found in the basement and on the 3rd floor.  Unfortunately the upper levels of the building are currently closed due to safety concerns.  Read More


Davenport-House2Davenport House

The Davenport House was built in 1820, by master builder Isaiah Davenport for his growing household which included his wife, children, and slaves.  It was his family home until his death in 1827, when his wife Sarah Clark Davenport converted it into a boarding house.  She lived in the residence on Columbia Square until 1840, when she sold it to the Baynard family of South Carolina. The house remained in their hands for the next 109 years.  As time passed, the once stately home in a fashionable neighborhood became a rundown rooming house in a seedy part of town.  Read More


Haunted Savannah17 Hundred 90

The Haunted 17Hundred90 Restaurant and Inn was originally 3 separate residences that were joined together to form the current structure. The western part of the building was built in 1821 by a Virginia planter, Steele White, who was killed in a horse riding accident before this building was finished. The Eastern part of the building was built by the Powers family in 1888. Sometime in its history it turned into a hotel, with the name 17 Hundred 90. Located just outside of the busy areas of Savannah, The 17Hundred90 is an excellent choice… Read More


Locations pending completion of investigation


Haunted Savannah - Tondees TavernTondee’s Tavern








Haunted Simply Savannah

Simply Savannah








Haunted Savannah - Wright SquareWright Square








LaurelLaurel-Grove-Cemetery Grove North

Laurel Grove North, is the most haunted cemetery in Savannah. Laurel Grove was opened when other Savannah cemeteries, like Colonial Park became overcrowded. Here you will find the highest concentration of Victorian period cemetery architecture in the Southeast, as it was opened during the height of the Antebellum Period. Very few visit Laurel Grove and often times you will be the only living person around. Some of the tombs and wrought iron fences are in poor condition only adding to the haunted environment here. Read More

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