EVP Samples

 “If you talk to them, they will talk back” – Lemmie Webb

Here are EVP samples of some of the EVP’s that I have captured.  It is best to conduct an EVP session while alone.  Locations that are free of human voices are best.  In the city there is always the possibility of voices from passerby’s finding their way to your recorder.  If you plan to conduct a session in the city, it would be best to record late at night when it is quite.

The below EVP samples session is a shortened version of single 2 ½ minute session conducted while alone on the third floor of the Moon River Brewery on 08/25/12.  The first response was to the question: “Why does it feel so sad here”? Answer: “Lots of children died here”.  The Moon River Brewing Company is located in the former City Hotel and was built in 1821.  Yellow Fever outbreaks struck Savannah in 1821, 1827, 1831, 1839, 1850, 1852, 1853 and 1854.  During some of these outbreaks, the City Hotel was converted into a hospital and many children did die in this room.

EVP - MRB 3rd floor EVP – MRB 3rd floor

The above EVP samples session was recorded without hearing the responses live.  Only on playback did I discover what I had captured.  For the last 3 years I have been working on a device that would allow me to hear the responses live.  This clip is the first test of the device and to my suprise it successfully produced a RTSC-EVP session, recorded in the Moon River basement on 07/18/15.

RTSC EVP- MRB Basement Test #1 RTSC EVP- MRB Basement Test #1

After finishing the first session with the new RTSC EVP device on 07/18/15, a group of Bachelorettes came into the basement talking about ghosts.  I asked of if they wanted to talk to “them”. After rolling her eyes, the boldest of the group accepted.  At the end of the recording, that is some very expensive equipment hitting the floor.

RTSC EVP2- Carrie in Basement RTSC EVP Test2- Carrie in Basement

Using the DAS RT-EVP and the Henry Ford house, on 03/09/13 Charity captured her first Real Time EVP and reacts in fear.  Note:  the RT-EVP has a delayed playback, listen for the woman saying “get out of here”.

Earlier EVP Samples and Experiment Results

The most common EVP are calls for help.  The first clip was made with an early experimental background sound at one of Georgia’s oldest hunting clubs.

“Help David, Help Us David”

This clip was created the same way as above at the Henry Ford house, using an experimental background matrix tone at a distance.

“I’m Not Rosy”

This sample was captured in the same manner as when Friedrich Jugenson first discovered Electronic Voice Phenomena.  You will hear the bird and insect sounds in the background, just before my name “David” is said.

A week later at the same location, I was asked to move over by someone I couldn’t see. As above, the nearest human was over 3 miles away.

While EVP’s are commonly found near the beginning or end of recordings, often they occur as an interaction to what is going on in the room.  In this sample, Libby of Balance LLC spotted a spirit at the end of a bench.  When Libby stops talking, you can hear an EVP voice say “Help me”.

Here is another example EVP samples session with interacton from Moon River.  Someone sneezed and an EVP voice responds “Bless you”.

EVP’s often occur as a direct response to a question.  In thes 3 clips from the basement of Moon River: A guest in her very first EVP session asks “is there anyone here with us”.

A guest asked “can you light the K-2 meter for us and receives a response “you shot me”.

I ask “how long have you been here” answer “I don’t know”

This clip is can be difficult to understand for some.  It is a good example of a more complicated direct response to a question.  Next to a display with an old cast iron coffin found in the Mississippi river, I asked for the name of the person buried in the coffin.  An EVP voice response “Mr Andrews was buried in that”.

EVP Samples - Cast Iron Coffin







For years I was interested in Electronic Voice Phenomena.  I first found the Association TransCommunication  website over 20 years ago.  I would visit the site from time to time, though I was never ready to take the plug and try EVP for myself.  I finally decided to get an Olympus WS-700m and give it a try.  You never really know for sure if others are really capturing EVP voices for sure, until you try EVP for yourself.  It takes practice and dedication.  The Association TransCommunication web site is the place to start your journey into the world of EVP.

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