“When death and life are being realized in the light of truth,
love is awakening in our hearts which is timeless.”
– Friedrich Jürgenson 1982

EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) consists of ITC voice communication on sound recordings made with a digital or analog recorder.  EVP was discovered by Friedrich Jugenson in 1959, while recording the sounds of birds.   The only equipment required to capture EVPs, is a voice recorder.  Voice recorders that record in uncompressed PCM format (CD quality) are preferred for the higher sound quality.  Many recommend having a soft background white noise present while recording, as this will act to enhance the voices which tend to be very faint.  EVPs are generally not heard live while recording and are discovered later when listening to back to the recording.

The chances of catching an EVP are no better at night. In fact some of my best were captured during the day. One of my favorite places to conduct session is alone out in the middle of the woods, near the site of one of the first plantations in Savannah. When others are present, I move away from the group to conduct an EVP session.

While you can hear the voices on the original recording, light filtering out of the background noise with sound editing software will often clear up the voices or expose additional communication.  One must be careful not to over edit the recording, as this can cause false EVPs.  Always save your original recordings for reference.  Because the voices are faint, it best to listen for EVPs with good quality headphones.