Savannah ITC

Savannah ITCSavannah ITC (Instrumental Trans-Communication), was founded for the study of ITC voice and other paranormal phenomena in the Savannah Georgia area.   We focus on EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) and Radio Based ITC.   The term ITC (Instrumental Trans-Communication) was coined in the 1970’s by Physicist Dr. Ernst Senkowski, to refer to communication between spirits (discarnate entities) and the living through electronic devices.

The goal of this site is to promote awareness and understanding of contemporary ITC.  If you are experiencing paranormal activity, we can investigate to document the activity and provide effective solutions if desired.  We also conduct group investigations and ITC demonstrations as part of our research.  This allows the public to experience ITC first hand, and have a chance use the equipment.  Most are apprehensive about what to expect and become comfortable once the session begins.  Many of the sample recordings are from demonstrations, that’s why you will hear different individuals asking questions.

Savannah ITCParanormal experiences and phenomena, are considered Trans-Communication.  If the experience occurs through an external mechanical device, it is considered Instrumental Trans-Communication.  The most commonly experienced Trans-Communication is thought to be from loved ones that wish to communicate, or provide comfort to those who are grieving.  Tragic sudden death, strong emotions and attachments at the time of passing can cause a spirit to become stuck.  Spirits that are stuck (earth bound spirits) are often referred to as Ghosts and are generally thought to be responsible for most haunting or paranormal activity.  They often require help and are deserving of compassion.

Those who communicate with spirits through ITC methods, are acting as Electronic Mediums.  Psychic Mediums, on the other hand, use their personal energy to channel spirit communication.  While generally safe, there are risks involved when working with spiritual energies.  Experienced Mediums are trained to deal with various situations that can arise and know how to protect themselves.  While it is natural to be curious about the paranormal, one should seek out guidance before starting to experiment.

Savannah ITCThe earliest recorded reference to a practice similar to ITC, occurred in ancient Greece at the first of the Hellenic Oracles.  According to Herodotus, the Oracle at Dodona was prompted by the Black Dove (a slave priestess from Thebes).  The Black Dove of Dodona interpreted messages from the gods in the rustling of the wind, through the leaves of a sacred oak.  She was aided by the sounds of bronze vessels, hung from the branches as they struck each other.  It was a piece of an oak tree from Dodona, that Athena used to fashion into a magical speaking prow for the Argo.  The ship sailed by Jason and the Argonauts.

Ultimately, this site is to document the results of my ITC voice experiments and opinions as a result thereof.  It is important to note that while 45 percent of Americans believe in ghost and 70 percent believe in life after death, there is no hard scientific proof that either exist.  As such any statements made by myself, should be considered as opinion and not fact. I draw my opinions from many years of recording ITC voice phenomena. It is common for the voices to say that they died, provide their names or the names of others that have passed over.  While one cannot know for sure the source of the voices, I have chosen to believe what is being said.